MAIN and CAIN announce partnership to mobilize BAIs for the performance measurement framework of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED)

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Quebec, September 22, 2021 – The Canadian Accelerator Incubator Network, (CAIN) has chosen MAIN as a partner to support the mobilization of Quebec business accelerators and incubators (BAIs) as part of the Performance Measurement Framework for Business Accelerators and Incubators (BAI PMF) project. In July, CAIN was awarded the contract to manage the Canadian BAI ecosystem data project — a project that the organization will also lead with consultant Chris Diaper.

Recognized for its mobilizing force and its expertise in data collection and analysis, MAIN will seek to reach out to the BAIs in its network in order to inform them of the framework and to support them in their participation. The performance measurement framework allows, notably, the better direction of investments and the creation of new initiatives while promoting the success of startups in the development chain.

“All our surveys demonstrate the profound impact of supporting startups. We are confident that the increased participation of Quebec BAIs in a pan-Canadian measurement framework will demonstrate the strength and vitality of the actors who support our startup entrepreneurs on a daily basis. And what an honour to be able to carry out this project with CAIN, an inclusive network that shares our values ​​of collaboration and sharing.”

Louis-Félix Binette, Executive Director of MAIN

“Collaboration is key for a project of this magnitude and we are delighted to be able to count on MAIN’s expertise. Joining forces will allow us to have a greater reach and thus promote data collection on a larger scale in order to have a pan-Canadian portrait that is representative of the startup ecosystem. This effort will provide great value by informing policy, investment strategies, and measuring the impact of our  country’s innovation economy so we can improve together. “

Stacey Wallin, directrice générale de CAIN

About MAIN

Le Mouvement des accélérateurs du Québec (MAIN Quebec) was created in 2016, driven by the conviction that, by the simple fact of working together and in a network, the actors whose job it is to support startups can increase tenfold their impact in ten years. Its ambition is that each startup, wherever it is in Quebec, can access the best available resources as quickly as possible to support its development and growth. Its mission is to support, develop and implement projects capable of boosting this ecosystem and increasing the value and impact of the services offered to startups in Quebec.

About CAIN

CAIN is a network of sustainable and successful accelerators and incubators across Canada, making Canada an international leader in values-driven innovation. CAIN supports the growth of accelerators and incubators across Canada through collaboration, education, connection and strategic exchanges of national and international stakeholders. CAIN plays an active and notable role in co-creating a world where entrepreneurs from Canada are solving the world’s hardest problems, in partnership with a strong network of accelerators and incubators, and are internationally recognized for their thought leadership and values. CAIN is Canada’s trusted innovation community convener and primary source of knowledge on innovation and ecosystem growth.


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