momentumIP: an ambitious service to make intellectual property a growth driver for the entire Quebec startup ecosystem

The Mouvement des accélérateurs d’innovation du Québec (MAIN) presented this morning the terms and conditions of the momentumIP service, offered in collaboration with Axelys and Quebec’s accelerators and incubators. Made possible through the ElevateIP program of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, momentumIP will offer support to high-growth potential companies with intellectual property (IP) needs.

By March 2026, MAIN plans to deploy nearly 1,000 interventions on intellectual property (IP), enabling at least 600 startups to bring about an IP strategy, or implement part of one, at low cost. The service is also planning awareness-raising and training activities on the issues and challenges of intellectual property management for companies and supporting organizations.

The creation of customized intellectual property strategies, closely aligned with business strategy, is a key ingredient in the success of our companies. momentumIP will help to make intellectual property a real driver of growth, far more than just a defense mechanism.

Alliances for optimal support and referral of companies

To realize this ambitious project, MAIN is leveraging existing skills and capabilities in Quebec’s innovation ecosystem. First and foremost, its partnership with Axelys, a public organization in charge of accelerating the development, intellectual property management and transfer of high-potential innovations stemming from public research in Quebec, will enable it to offer the service of creating IP strategies to a large number of companies in all sectors.

In addition, following a public call for proposals, four consortia of accelerators and incubators have been granted partner organization status to ensure effective delivery of momentumIP services to companies in certain strategic sectors:

  • life sciences and medtech, led by Montréal InVivo;
  • cultural and creative industries, tourism and sports, led by MT Lab, La Piscine and Mont X;
  • environment and cleantech, led by incubator 2 Degrés in partnership with Cycle Momentum;
  • deeptech, led by INO/Quantino — this consortium will help make Quebec a true center of excellence in cutting-edge technologies.

MAIN will also collaborate with a number of sector-agnostic accelerators and incubators that support a large pipeline of startups, so that the momentumIP service fits naturally into their support process and builds on existing intellectual property resources.

For more information about momentumIP and its potential impact on your company or support organization, please contact us at


“Investment in intellectual property and innovation is crucial to propel our economy to new heights. By supporting businesses in creating robust intellectual property strategies, we’re strengthening our economy in the long term while paving the way for sustainable growth and enhanced competitiveness for Canadian businesses”, The Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry

“Axelys is proud to collaborate with momentumIP. Startups and SMEs with a well-established intellectual property strategy are more competitive, export more and have access to more financing. Supporting this approach is not enough; it must be closely integrated with the company’s business model. One cannot be worked without the other, and this is the basis of the support Axelys offers,” Jesse Vincent-Herscovici, president and chief executive, Axelys

“The deployment of momentumIP continues MAIN’s commitment to encouraging collaboration and the pooling of resources and targets between players in the Quebec startup ecosystem. Together, with a specific focus on intellectual property, we’re going to give wings to over 600 companies with high growth potential, while strengthening our front-line services, particularly in key innovation sectors. Collective action allows us to imagine even more ambitious support to ensure the long-term success of Quebec startups on the international stage,” Louis-Félix Binette, Executive Director, MAIN

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