Lac-à-L'Épaule podcast with Charles-Oliver Roy

Recorded in part in the enchanting setting of Isle-aux-Grues, season 2 of the Lac-à-L'Épaule podcast offers cross-sectoral, cross-generational and cross-cultural encounters aimed at achieving full potential throughout Quebec.

season 2 - episode 1: entrepreneurial failure: breaking taboos and cultivating resilience

Entrepreneurial failure and the stigma of vulnerability: what are the challenges within the world of startups and SMEs? What role do well-being and mental health play among entrepreneurs? Together, we deconstruct the myths of entrepreneurship and highlight the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people to succeed.

An episode with Nicholas Routhier (President of Mindtrick Innovations) and Marine Thomas (Editor-in-Chief of Journal Les Affaires)

season 2 - episode 2: entrepreneurship and holistic design - how can we work together to create a sustainable future?

Holistic design can transform society and play a crucial role in social innovation and entrepreneurship. Together with 2 researchers in the field, we explore the importance of design in tackling social and ecological issues in innovative ways.

An episode with Franck Barès (researcher and full professor of entrepreneurship at HEC Montréal) and Guillaume Blum (associate professor and researcher at Université Laval's School of Design).

season 2 - episode 3: creative industries - the keys to success

The creative industries occupy an important place in Quebec's entrepreneurial landscape. What are the particular challenges related to financing?

An episode with Valérie Hénaire (Director of the Quantino incubator) and Bertrand Nepveu (co-founder and partner of Triptyq Capital).

season 2 - episode 4: applied research, innovation and return on investment

Applied research and innovation: the importance of Centres collégiaux de transfert technologique (CCTT) for problem-solving and new product development. Also: how to get a return on your research investment?

An episode with Marie Gagné (President and CEO of the CCTT Network) and Coryell Boffy (Senior Director, Society and Culture at Axelys).

season 2 - episode 5: scientific entrepreneurship - what are the challenges and opportunities of commercializing discoveries?

In transforming scientific discoveries into innovations, government support plays an important role in creating a unique and collaborative entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We explore Quebec's potential for developing cooperative entrepreneurship with Nadia Koukoui (entrepreneur and director at V1 Studio), Sabrina Hombourger (researcher and marketing professor at Université TÉLUQ) and Diana Horrque (executive director at V1 Studio).


Lac-à-L'Épaule podcast

Since 2021, the Lac-à-L'Épaule podcast has brought together authentic, inspiring humans in a place conducive to reflection. They share a common mission: to propel creativity andinnovation made in Quebec.

It offers stimulating conversations that value the audacity of entrepreneurship and support the emergence of a world-class support ecosystem that meets the needs of startups.

The Lac-à-L'Épaule podcast focuses on initiatives to energize the research, innovation and commercialization cycles. It aims to raise the profile of ideas that should be scaled up or that would respond to major societal challenges.

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