IP and innovative companies: the case of PerceivAI

With momentumPI's support, the innovative company PerceivAI has been able to protect its intellectual property, in particular its brand and technology, in a context where it wishes to sell licenses to pharmaceutical companies.

PerceivAI - photo by Christian Dansereau

It's particularly expensive to develop treatments for certain diseases, such as Alzheimer's, because the effects of these treatments can vary greatly from one patient to another.

Montreal startup Perceiv AI has designed a platform to better anticipate these effects, speeding up drug development and treatment.


Perceiv AI's business model is to sell pharmaceutical companies a license to use its service for the duration of a clinical trial.

The start-up's customers include Montreal-based DalCor Pharmaceuticals. It has also forged partnerships with major US pharmaceutical companies Merck and Johnson & Johnson.


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