the Parachute

would you jump out of a plane without a parachute?

le Parachute was deployed in the Capitale-Nationale region in 2021, on the initiative of a network of support players keen to better support the well-being of innovative entrepreneurs.

main is now taking the initiative Quebec-wide to raise public awareness, intervene with coaching professionals and entrepreneurs, and bring together people who care about the psychological health of entrepreneurs.

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change the paradigm


support and nurture collective action, highlight movements and thus change the paradigm on the psychological health of entrepreneurs.

  • position the psychological health of entrepreneurs as a strategic asset rather than a source of risk.
  • bring together people concerned with the well-being of contractors, notably through a national event on mental health


with support professionals

  • provide support professionals with the tools they need to identify psychological health issues among entrepreneurs, and thus provide them with better support.
  • provide access to communities of practice and training courses for support professionals

with contractors

  • offer concrete, direct help to entrepreneurs across Quebec to look after their psychological health.
  • offer banks of hours with psychology professionals and peer-aid circles across the province

raise awareness

raise public awareness of the well-being of the people behind innovative companies.

  • share informative content thanks to monitoring work
  • support awareness-raising activities across Québec
  • make the most of existing resources in the field

discover the education portal, featuring online resources focused on wellness, personal growth and professional development.

the website features a variety of articles, videos and resources on topics such as:

  • mental health
  • productivity
  • motivation
  • career and interpersonal relations

in addition to offering practical advice and tools to help entrepreneurs improve their quality of life and realize their full potential.

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