referral service

Quebec's entrepreneurial ecosystem is made up of a large number of coaching organizations, each with its own distinctive service offering, sector of specialization, target clientele, coaching methods and formats.

whatever your project's stage of development or sector of activity, our referral service is designed to guide you towards the support best suited to your needs.


eligibility criteria

  • I run an innovative company or have an idea for a business with high growth potential.
  • I seek to develop the skills of the team and/or the founders
  • i'm ready to invest time, energy and, possibly, money to benefit from a support service.

benefits of support

  • benefit from learning opportunities, workshops and events that strengthen my skills and broaden my network
  • receive expert advice and mentoring to help me overcome the challenges facing my innovative company
  • take advantage of a favorable environment to accelerate the growth of my innovative company, improve my business model and increase my chances of success.
  • boost the credibility and visibility of my innovative company, thereby attracting media attention and reassuring potential investors and customers

how the referral service works

it's quite simple: fill in this form and you'll receive an e-mail with recommendations for support tailored to your needs, within 72 working hours.

these recommendations will have been carefully selected by the team main, who will suggest between 2 and 5 support ideas adapted to your situation.

what is a startup?

what is the difference between an incubator and a accelerator?