is working at main right for me?

you feel like a circle that never "fits" perfectly into small square boxes, but you're motivated to support the support ecosystem? you like designing and carrying out large-scale projects?


what it's like
life at main ?

  • a competitive salary
  • a 35-hour working week, with flexible working hours and the possibility of working a 4-day week
  • the option of working from the office or from home, at your discretion
  • 3 weeks' banked vacation upon arrival, 1 week's paid leave in summer and 2 weeks during the holiday season
  • 2 strategic retreats per year with the team
  • group insurance, access to telemedicine and a monthly allowance teleworking and well-being with tedy
  • an advantageous group rrsp contribution program with employer contribution

organizational culture


be aware that we don't know everything, and know how to recognize the limits of our own competence to make room for that of others.


to make real, profound changes, because we don't want to do business for business's sake.


encourage the individual to come first and stand out - we are much more than the roles we play.


nurture and cultivate confidence - in ourselves (our abilities, our adaptability, our resilience), in our colleagues, who will never let us down, and in our community, which won't judge us (too harshly) for our mistakes.


our only hope of innovation lies in our desire to discover what we don't know. We're not afraid of the unknown, or of trying something that neither we nor those around us have tried before.

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