Le Parachute rolls out across Quebec

We are announcing a $375,000 grant from the Quebec government to fund Le Parachute, a mental health support initiative for Quebec entrepreneurs.

Parachute's funding will enable us to scale up this initiative, which began in 2020 in the Capitale-Nationale region, thanks to a network of entrepreneur support organizations and its two main architects: Entrepreneuriat ULaval and Apollo13.

building on the psychological capital of entrepreneurs

Parachute is an initiative designed to better support and enhance the psychological capital of innovative entrepreneurs and those who accompany them, by focusing on three levels of action.

  1. awareness-raising, to increase awareness of human mental health behind innovative companies, through awareness-raising and educational content and local awareness-raising activities across Quebec.
  2. working with innovative entrepreneurs and support professionals, notably by creating peer support circles and training courses, and by setting up mechanisms for direct and rapid access to professional mental health services
  3. bringing together all those concerned by the psychological health of innovative entrepreneurs, notably at a federative event, so that it is recognized as a strategic asset rather than a source of risk.

Funding from the Quebec government is complemented by financial support from Quebec City, where Parachute's local actions will continue to have a significant impact on entrepreneurs in the Capitale-Nationale region.

To find out more about Le Parachute, or if you would like to get involved in the success of this initiative, visit: https://mainqc.com/parachute


"In addition to the challenges inherent in being an entrepreneur, the last few years have been an economic rollercoaster. There's no doubt that many of them haven't had it easy. I often say: overall health starts with good mental health. a healthy business environment therefore starts with mentally healthy entrepreneurs. i'm delighted with the launch of the Parachute initiative and this network's commitment to the psychological well-being of our entrepreneurs," says Lionel Carmant, Minister responsible for Social Services.

"the success of an innovative entrepreneurship ecosystem depends on the launch of a very large number of entrepreneurial projects, many of which we know in advance will fail. however, we must also ensure that neither the crash of these companies nor the enormous pressure weighing on those behind them prevent the entrepreneurs who dare to try again with the same enthusiasm as when they first took off.Parachute will support our innovative entrepreneurs through their trials and tribulations, and seek to raise awareness that their health is as important a strategic asset to their success as financing, support resources or intellectual property assets," says Louis-Félix Binette, MAIN's Managing Director.

"the current paradigm of mental health among entrepreneurs needs to change. for too long, the myth of the "superhero" entrepreneur, capable of overcoming all obstacles without ever flinching, has been the standard. this image, not only unrealistic, also contributes to a culture of silence around real psychological and emotional challenges, particularly in the startup world," says Valérie Hénaire, executive director of Quantino, a member organization of the Le Parachute collective created in 2020 in the Capitale-Nationale region.