why we exist

The Mouvement des accélérateurs d'innovation du Québec (main)  believes that, simply by working together and networking, the players involved in coaching can significantly increase their impact.

assist in the
acceleration of startups

to guarantee optimum coverage and continuity of support, throughout the maturing process of an innovative start-up

create services to enhance the service offering throughout Quebec

to enhance the consistency and coordination of support programs

pool the structures and efforts of ecosystem organizations, for the benefit of businesses

set up research initiatives

enrich organizations' knowledge by offering customized training and networking opportunities

strengthen links between organizations in the ecosystem to foster fruitful collaborations

support the entrepreneurial ecosystem

to give a voice to those who support Quebec's young innovative companies in a spirit of collaboration and co-creation

our mission:

strengthen the cohesion and effectiveness of the business support ecosystem and increase its impact on the development of entrepreneurship and innovation in Quebec

our vision:

increase Quebec's start-up potential tenfold in ten years.