startup talent barometer: why is access to talent an issue?

all sectors of the economy are faced with a shortage of main-labor and access to qualified talent. the pandemic has only exacerbated this phenomenon, in addition to bringing many upheavals to the world of work (career changes, resignations, democratization of telecommuting or hybrid work). these changes contribute to the unpredictability of main-labor movements and a great need for adaptation.

startups are not spared, but how do they react to these changes?

as part of this Startup Barometer, the Mouvement des accélérateurs d'innovation du Québec (MAIN) and Startup Montréal have pooled their resources to identify and map talent issues as experienced specifically by Quebec startups.

The startup talent barometer, produced in collaboration with Talsom and Ton équipierconfirms that Quebec startups are also facing a shortage of main-workers and access to talent.

The report presents concrete data to identify the main talent-related challenges in terms of attracting, hiring and developing start-ups, and suggests promising avenues to explore in order to revitalize Quebec's innovation sector.