training to help startups raise venture capital funds

Front Row Ventures, in collaboration with Espace CDPQ and Mouvement des accélérateurs d'innovation du Québec (MAIN), are launching the " Fundraising for Startups: A Practical Guide "designed to help startups raise their first venture capital funds.

Drawing on the experience of their first venture capital training course for students and young professionals, Front Row Ventures is delivering a second, new course that builds on what they've already learned, and shares tips from several successful entrepreneurs. A recognition badge will be sent out after the course, enabling venture capital fund teams to better identify startups, and the organizations that support them, that have prepared for fundraising.

This bilingual training course, available online, is made up of seven modules, including a better understanding of venture capital, the technical aspects of fund-raising, and the process that governs venture capital firms. venture capital firms (VCs). In addition to helping startups, this course is also aimed at those who accompany these Canadian companies, notably within gas pedals and incubators.

Training costs $500 per individual license, with a 50% discount for students and startups. What's more, in Quebec, thanks to our collaboration with MAIN, members of their network benefit from a 50% discount on the regular price.

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"Our mission at Front Row Ventures is to nurture Canada's next generation of technology companies from all sides of the table. As the manager of a fund that invests at the pre-seed stage, we've seen how opaque the fundraising process can be for many entrepreneurs.
By sharing our knowledge and that of other successful investors and entrepreneurs, we are committed to increasing the number of successful fundraisings and helping our ecosystem to flourish."
- Emmanuelle Coppinger, Managing Director, Front Row Ventures

"The training will help raise the skill level of startups meeting venture capital funds. By demystifying private equity beforehand, well-prepared entrepreneurs will be able to build stronger relationships, right through to securing financing. Espace CDPQ is proud to support the sharing of knowledge and contribute to the adoption of a common language".
- Nicolas Rubbo, General Manager, Espace CDPQ

"Gas pedals and incubators are always looking for ways to better understand the steps and the right timing to help entrepreneurs start raising funds. In addition, by increasing the level of knowledge of the organizations that accompany startups on a daily basis, we ensure, as an ecosystem, that we increase the chances of success for entrepreneurs and reduce the time it takes to see the benefits of these successes."
- Louis-Félix Binette, General Manager, MAIN


about Front Row Ventures

Front Row Ventures (FRV) is Canada's 1st student-led venture capital fund focused on universities. We are present on more than 20 university campuses across Canada. We invest at the pre-seed stage in high-impact student entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds and ambitious technological ideas, whatever their field of work. Over the past six years, we have invested in more than 40 companies, including Puzzle Medical Devices, Nomic Bio and Valence Discovery. With a $5.5 million Canada-wide fund closing earlier in 2023, we are the largest capital pool in Canada dedicated exclusively to investing in student-founded startups.

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about Espace CDPQ

Created by the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec,Espace CDPQ is the largest venture capital community in Canada. It brings together more than twenty partner funds and collaborators, with the aim of increasing access to investment capital for innovative, high-potential small and medium-sized businesses in Québec, thereby contributing to its economic development. Together, the community represents $12 billion in capital under management and a network of over 900 companies of all sizes and in all sectors. 120 co-investments have taken place between Espace CDPQ partner funds since its inauguration. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn.