main and cain announce partnership to mobilize iais in innovation performance measurement framework, science and economic development canada (isde)

The Canadian Accelerator and Inc ubator Network (CAIN) has chosen MAIN as its partner to mobilize Quebec's gas pedals and incubators (AIEs) as part of the AIE Performance Measurement Framework (PMF ) project. In July, CAIN was awarded the contract to lead the federal data project, which the organization will also conduct with consultant Chris Diaper.

Recognized for its mobilizing power and expertise in data collection and analysis, MAIN will be reaching out to the IEAs in its network to inform them of the framework and support them in their participation. In particular, the performance measurement framework will enable us to better direct investments and the creation of new initiatives to promote the success of the startup development chain.

"All our surveys demonstrate the profound impact of coaching on startups. We are confident that increased participation by Quebec IEAs in a pan-Canadian measurement framework will demonstrate the strength and vitality of the players who support our startup entrepreneurs on a daily basis. And what an honor it is to be able to carry out this project with CAIN, an inclusive network that shares our values of collaboration and sharing."
- Louis-Félix Binette, General Manager of MAIN

"Collaboration is the key to a project of this scale, and we're delighted to be able to count on the expertise of MAIN. Joining forces will enable us to have a broader reach and thus foster data collection on a larger scale in order to have a representative pan-Canadian view of the startup ecosystem. This effort will bring great value in informing policy, investment strategies and measuring the impact of our country's innovation economy so that we can improve together."
- Stacey Wallin, Managing Director, CAIN