launch of Perséis, a research-society space for innovative and scientific entrepreneurship

the mouvement des accélérateurs d'innovation du québec (main) and the fonds de recherche du québec (FRQ) announce the creation of perséis, a research-society space for innovative and scientific entrepreneurship. perséis will be co-managed by main and the FRQ until 2028.

perséis aims to mobilize stakeholders at every stage of the project co-construction process: from the formulation of research needs and questions to the dissemination, adoption and evaluation of the impact of research results.

Over the next few years, perséis will be issuing a number of calls for projects, as well as organizing networking events, the scope and criteria of which will be determined in line with emerging needs and feedback from Quebec's innovative entrepreneurship ecosystem.

A first call for proposals has been launched to initiate federative research projects around priority needs. To find out more about the call for proposals, visit our dedicated web page.

for more details on perséis and the call for proposals, visit the fonds de recherche du québec website.


"innovative and scientific companies are deploying innovative solutions and making a major contribution to the economic and societal transformations demanded by Québec society. the collaborative approach that is now making it possible to launch the perséis space has already brought the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the research community closer together. the potential for fuelling research niches and entrepreneurial approaches is palpable", says rémi quirion, Québec's chief scientist.

"the organizations that support our entrepreneurs on a daily basis are more diverse and more mature than ever. however, building skills, adopting best practices and developing high-performance tools remain the ingredients of a startup ecosystem that is competitive on a global scale. the creation of perséis, a space for rich and sustained exchanges between support staff and the research community in innovative and scientific entrepreneurship, promises to accelerate this development", continues louis-félix binette, General Manager of perséis. main.

about the quebec innovation gas pedal movement (main)

the quebec innovation gas pedal movement (main) was created in 2016, driven by the conviction that, simply by working together and networking, the players whose job it is to support startups can increase their impact tenfold in ten years. its ambition is for every startup, wherever it is in Quebec, to have the fastest possible access to the best resources available to support its development and growth. Its mission is to support, develop and implement projects capable of energizing this ecosystem and raising the value and impact of services offered to startups in Quebec. For more information, visit

about quebec research funds (FRQ)

the FRQ aims to support the next generation of diversified, creative and agile researchers, who will actively contribute to the well-being of Quebec society. the FRQ's major societal challenges department is mandated to strengthen cross-sectoral research and the science-society nexus, leading to solutions based on the co-construction of knowledge and practices. its research program is structured around four major societal challenges, including entrepreneurship and creativity.